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Wave Motion Apparatus :

(ZES 389)
For demonstrating longitudinal and transverse motion. Consisting
of 18 acentric Aluminium discs supporting a series of metal rods.
On revolving the handle, transverse waves are obtained with bent.
Straight rods, complete on wooden box.

Ripple Tank :

(ZES 390)

A wooden framed tray with sloping position in side to minimise unwanted reflection from the sided of the tank with perspex plastic base and 4 detachable legs. Overall size of tray 600 x 520 x 55mm deep. Support rod with G clamps are provided for using to carry waves generating system. Four metal barriers (reflectors) consisting of a pair of straight barrier 150 x 25mm chord barrier of 215mm chord length x 25mm high and a short, straight barrier.

Ripple are produced by a small 1.5 to 4.5V DC electric motor mounted on a 330mm wooden bar having a row of holes to mount spherical dipper. Completer with 12V illuminator with clamp.


Power Supply Unit :

(ZES 391)

For use with the ripple tank. It has continuously variable d.c.output so that the speed of the motor and the frequency of the ripples may be varied.


Set of Extra Accessories :

(ZES 392)

Water dropper, Woodenrod 230 x 25 mm diameter, rubber tubing, 600 x 6mm bore, glass plate 300 x 202 x 4 mm, Hoffman Clip, sponge for illuminant.


Hand Stroboscope :

(ZES 393)

Aslotted hardboard disc with finger hole, is pivoted on a bearing mounted which also acts as a convenient handle. The disc has twelve radial slots 50 x 3mm extending to its edge.

Diameter of disc 250mm


Student Sonometer :

(ZES 394)

Comprising a wooden board 690 x 90mm mounted on four feet, at one end of the box are two 5kg x 100gms spring balances with hooks and at the other end are two wrest pins with 3 Bridges out of which one is large to span both wires and the other two are small for the individual wires. Complete with steel wires and pins.


Sonometer :

(ZES 395)

Comprising a hollow wooden box 1140 x 125 x 100mm length x width x height with 2 metre, rules, 1 metre long divided in mm. Two wires of brass and steel attached to fixed bridge and tensioned by fine adjustment pegs, two movable Bridges, Pulley and fixed screw to enable a third wire to be fixed for tensioning by masses. Complete with 2 Bridges.


Tuning Forks Set Blue Steel :

(ZES 396)

Set of 8 of blue steel, plain shank, one each of C(256) D.E.F.G.A.B.C.(512) in velvet lined box.


Tuning Forks Set of 13 :

(ZES 397)

Chrome plated, with frequency marked, a set of 13, of different frequency from 256 C to 512 C, packed in velvet lined box.


Tuning Forks Set of 13 :

(ZES 398)

Chrome plated, with frequency marked, a set of 13, of different frequency from 256 C to 512 C, packed in velvet lined box.


Tuning Forks on Resonance Boxes :

(ZES 399)

Set of three tuning forks, two C 256 and one C 512 mounted on resonance boxes with brass plates drilled and threaded to take the threaded shanks of the forks. The length of each box is carefully adjusted to suit the frequency of the fork and is mounted on cork feet.


Resonance Box Dimensions
C 512 125 x 112 x 47mm Lx W x H.
C 256 340 x 12 x 47mm LxWxH

Set of Four Forks on Box :

(ZES 400)

For demonstrating the formation of a basic major chord. Comprises four forks mounted on a comman box and having frequencies of C 256Hz. E 320Hz, G 384Hz and C 512Hz. When sounding together, therefore, the forks produce the chord of C major.


Dimensions of resonance box : 285 x 115 x 63mm LxWxH.

Hammer for Tuning Fork:

(ZES 401)

Made of wood with rubber head.


Stethoscope :

(ZES 402)

Ahigh quality, professional pattern model for human heart and chest sounds with combination chest-piece giving a choice of bell or diaphragm. Complete with spare diaphragm.


Electrical Tuning Fork :

(ZES 403)

On sturdy streamlined base with provision for horizontal or vertical use. Fork is manufactured from selected steel. Prong is 10 x 25 x 300mm. Accurate frequency adjustment, chrome plated, vibration rate 60 per second. Electromagnet can work on 6 volts. The amplitude of vibration can vary by sliding the electomagnet inside prongs. Complete with style, mirror and counterpoise.


Electrical Vibrator :

(ZES 404)
For Meldes and other experiments. A steel rod is clamped near one end
through two 4mm terminals. The rod passes through a small solenoid
and between the poles of a magnet. Adjustable contact points fitted
through a second pair of terminals make alternating connection with
an adjustable contact on the rod. The rod has a small hole at one end
for the attachment of thread which passes over a bench mounting pulley
and supports a scale pan. For 2V a.c.Supplies. With pulley and clamp,
scale pan and instructions.

Meldes Apparatus :

(ZES 405.

To demonstrate stationary waves by means of stretched strings. Consists of an electrically maintained tuning fork, bench clamp pulley, scale pan and metre scale.


Organ Pipe :

(ZES 406)

Varnished wood with glass front and membrane suspended on cord for loading with sand to show positions of nodes and antinodes.Overall length 760mm.


Organ Pipe Sliding :

(ZES 407)

With graduated sliding piston. The organ pipe is of a square section of polished wood and fitted with a tapered mouthpiece.

The slider is also square in section. 32 x 32 mm of wood and with a knob at the end for easy control. The slider has a scribed and lettered line for each note which may be aligned with the end of the pipe to give a diatonic scale from c 256 to c 512. Overall dimensions closed 540 x 50 x 50mm.


Organ Pipe :

(ZES 408)
Open ended: square section: with tapered mouthpiece. The organ
pipe is of a polished wood and has an air coloumn length of
405mm approximately. Which gives a note approximating to A 426.
Overall dimensions : 520 x 50 x 50mm.

Whirling Table :

(ZES 409)

Overall height 430mm for use in vertical or horizontal position, fitted with handwheel and wire helix belt drive to pulley and with the adapter supplied all accept colour disc.


Savarts Toothed Wheels :

(ZES 410)

A set of four toothed wheels 75mm dia on a common spindle. The wheels have 40,50,60 and 80 teeth respectively giving intervals of 1:5/4:3/2:2 and thus forming the basic major chord.


Resonance Apparatus Glass :

(ZES 411)

A glass tube 340 x 25mm length x O.D. Mounted on retort stand with clamp and boss head, with 500ml glass bulb, connecting tubing and spring clip supported on rubber covered split iron ring.


Resonance Apparatus :

(ZES 412)

Consists of a resonance tube brass N.P.100cm. reservoir brass N.P.250ml and metre scale both side mm which are mounted on wooden block which is having sliding and clamping arrangement on board. The board is mounted vertically on heavy metal base synthetic hammer finish with levelling screws. Complete with rubber tubing.


Resonance Apparatus, Simple Form :

(ZES 413)

For measuring the resonant length of an air column driven by a tuning fork. Comprises a brass tube 290 x 25mm dia fixed to a base 150 x 150 x 20mm with a sliding inner tube 300mm long which allows the length of the air column to be varied from 350 to 530mm.


Resonance Tubes :

(ZES 414

Comprising two glass tubes, one 300 x 32mm dia the other 300 x 25mm dia. The smaller tube slides within the other in foam plastic collars, allowing the air column length to be varied from 300 to 530mm.


Kundts Tube Apparatus :

(ZES 415

Consisting of a glass tube heavy walled 1350 x 32mm length x I.D with cork bung, short and long Ebonite Rod, cork pistons, mounted on a polished wooden board 1520 x 125 x 22mm L x W x D with spring clamps. The long Ebonite Piston supported by wood clamp secured with wing nuts.


Crovas Disc :

(ZES 416)

For showing progressive waves. Printed on card, 250mm diameter, with printed slit and instructions.


Cheshires Disc :

ZES 417

For showing standing waves, printed on card, 250mm diameter, with printed slit and instructions.


Dog Whistle :

(ZES 418)

A mouth blown tunable high frequency whistle, range from just audible in inaudible. Upper range can be detected by microphone and shown on an oscilloscope and is within the audible range of a dog.


Falling Plate Apparatus :

(ZES 419)

For comparison of the frequencies of two tuning forks or for direct determination of frquency. All metal model, comprising vertical channel of heavy guage extruded aluminium, mounted on cast metal base and fitted with guides to take a smoked glass plate.Two tuning forks A and D, fitted with knurled locknuts, screwed into blocks adjustable vertically in slots cut in either side of the channel and clamped with wingnuts. Overall dimensions 280 x 150 x 100mm height x width x depth. Complete with styles for tuning forks, release pin to support the glass plate, and Plasticine to cushion its fall.



(ZES 420)
Set of two units working model each unit is mounted on teak wood polished
vertical stand, all connections are clearly visible to explain the principle of
telephone. Either unit can call  other by lifting microphone with the help
of bell. The each unit is workable on 4-6 volt d.c.


(ZES 421)
Set of two units working model, each unit is mounted on teakwood polished
vertical stand, all connections are clearly visible to explain the principle of
telegraph. The each unit is workable on 4-6 volts d.c.

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