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Resistance Coil

Resistance Coil Round Bakelite Type :

(ZES 204)

Comprising a non inductively wound coil of double silk covered constantan wire and enclosed in a circular moulded bakelite case. Two brass terminals are provided and the value of each coil is clearly marked on the top of the case. Coil is adjusted to an accuracy with in 0.1%. Any one single range from 0.1W to 120 W.


Resistance Coil with Transparent Cover :

(ZES 205)
Constructed so that winding is visible to the student. The coil is wound
non inductively with insulated constantan wire and enclosed in a transparent
cylinderical cover with square moulded ends of either black or red or yellow
plastic. The brass terminals are provided at either end and resistance of each
coil is clearly marked. Each coil is adjusted to an accuracy within 0.1% .Any
single range from 0.1W to 120 W.

Precision Resistance Coil :

(ZES 206)

These resistance are contained in a steel trough bakelite case which are perforated to allow air circulation. Mangnin wire used in the construction of these resistances. These resistance are provided with four terminals. Accuracy 0.5%. Any one single range from 0.01W to 100W.


Temperature Coefficient of Resistance :

(ZES 207)

For determining the temperature coefficient of resistance of copper, comprising a coil of fine enameled copper wire of about 7-10 ohm resistance, wound non-conductively on an Insulating former and connected to thick copper wire fitted with terminals. The coil is enclosed in a glass tube to contain paraffin oil. The rubber stopper is drilled for a thermometer. Tube size approx., 150 mm x 25mm dia .


(a) Supplied with glass tube of neutral glass.
(b) Supplied with glass tube of corning glass.

Resistance Coil:

(ZES 208)

These coils are accurate to within 0.5% and will serve economical standard or as known for student use with a Wheat stone Bridge or they may be used for laws governing combination of resistance in series and Parallel. Comprising non Inductively wound of constantan coil and enclosed in a hexagonal moulded case. Two 4mm socket terminals are provided on the top. Any single range from 0.1 W to 500 W.


Resistance Thermometer Platinum :

(ZES 209)

The thermometer comprises a length of fine platinum wire about 2.8 W resistance wound non-inductively on a mica frame and soldered to stout copper leads. A Pair of compensating leads are provided. All four leads being connected to terminals mounted on a suitably engraved Insulating panel which is joined to the mica resistance frame by cork mount on to which is fitted a stainless steel tube. Since connections are soft soldered this resistance thermometer is suitable for temperature work. Packed in velvet lined case.


Standard Resistance :

(ZES 210)

These resistances incorporate latest design and can carry comparatively large current without being heated. Managnin coils are used which are thoroughly aged. Silver soldered connections are used. Standard resistances of 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001 ohm are provided with 4 terminals while those of 1, 10, 100, 1000 ohms are provided with two terminals only.


Resistance(in ohms)

Max current (in Amps)
Accuracy ( in %)
(a) 0.001 10 0.05
(b) 0.01 10 0.05
(c) 0.1 5 0.05
(d) 1 3 0.01
(e) 10 1 0.005

(f) 100



(g) 1000

0.2 0.005

Universal Shunts :

(ZES 211)
Dial type based on Ayrton and Mather principle. Total resistance 10,000
ohms multiplying power 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 1000, 3000 and 10000 provided
with short circuiting push button switch. All connections are enclosed
in bakelite case.
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