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Potentiometer 1 Wire :

(ZES 280)

Slide wire pattern with 1 wire 1 meter long, mounted on a polished
wooden base with boxwood rule graduated 0-100 cm. X 1 mm with
two socket type 4 mm. Terminals to enable the apparatus to be
used as a 1 meter or 2 meter instrument with sliding type jockey.


Potentiometer 4 Wire :

(ZES 281)

Mounted on a polished wooden base, with four wires of 24 swg constantan wire connected in series to give effective length of 4 meter, with plated brass strips and box wood rule graduated 0-100 cm. X 1 mm. Provided with two terminals. With jockey having knife edge, press keys type giving accurate contacts and a terminal for connection.


Potentiometer 10 Wire with Pencil Jockey :

(ZES 282)

On polish laminated 18mm. thick wooden board with teak wood colour sunmica having 0 to 10 wires of swg. 24 connected in series, clamped under heavy brass strips & fitted by screws in such a manner so as to be easily replaceable to have negligible END ERRORS. Supplied with pencil jockey & lead for connection.


Potentiometer 10 Wire with Spring Type Press Jockey :

(ZES 283)

Pencil jockey is replaced by heavy brass NP spring type sliding jockey. Jokey slides on the metal rod within due mark for scale reading. Jockey is having 10 sharp pencils, spring loaded contacts are given separately. The sliding contact key makes spring contact at any desired position. The design of jockey permits high accuracy of reading and convenient position setting. The said potentiometer is also supplied with pulley arrangement system to tight the wires. The L shape end connectors are given on the strips which adjust both the ends for faulty 0 and end setting.


Jockey Knife Edge/ Pencil :

(ZES 284)

For wheatstone bridge and potentiometer work. Metal knife edge mounted in plastic handle. 90mm. Long x 12 mm. dia with terminal at the upper end.


Potentiometer, Linear :

(ZES 285)

Mounted on a transparent plastic base 90x90x30mm. High together with three colour coded 4 mm. Sockets.


100 ohms
1K ohms
5K ohms
10K ohms
100K ohms

Crompton Potentiometer :

(ZES 286)

Eight steps of 2 ohms and a slide wire of equal resistance enclosed, circular type, divided into 200 parts and calibrated to read milli-volts, all in series and with coarse and fine rheostat provide the standardizing unit. Terminals are provided for standard cell, galvanometer and two volt batteries and 2 sets of external test circuits, worked by a rotary switch. A self check is provided by a fixed tap in the circuit corresponding to the standard cell E.M.F. 1.0186 at room temperature on turning a knob of the standardise test switch to the standard position. Standard cell is got into circuit without alteration to the test circuit. Range of measurement 0.0005 to 1.8 volts. Accuracy 0.05%.


Potentiometer Dial Pattern :

(ZES 287)

The slide wire is 500 mm long fitted over a graduated plate divided on 500 parts. The jockey is of superior type and slides on the metal rod. Rotary switch controls 2 ext. circuits. Ball clicks provided for the volts dial. The dial consists of 22 coils (each equal to 500 mm. of wire) connected in series to the slide wire.Terminals are provided for cells.

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