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Lamp and Scale Arrangement :

(ZES 789

Suitable for use with reflecting galvanometer Lamp housing is provided with universal adjustment in any direction and fitted with 6 Volts lamp which is workable on 230 volts a.c. with the help of transformer stepdown provided in base duco finish or workable with 6 volts accumulator for this two terminals are provided on the base. To have quick and accurate focusing rack and pinion is provided. The universal lamp and scale is fitted on heavy base with chrome plated rod. Complete with Perspex scale calibrated in mm 250-0-250 mm and 0-500mm. The scale carrier is the new improved design permitting lateral adjustment and provides full scale view over the entire length.


Variac / Dimmerstat / Auto Transformer

(ZES 790)

Continuously variable voltage auto transformer, protected type. Comprises a torridly wound transformer with a continuously variable output voltage 0-270 volts A.C.

Steplessely under full load. In put 220-240 volts A.C. 50Hz. Fitted in nicely metal painted box.


Current Capacity (a) (b) (c) (d)
  2 Amp. 4 Amp. 8 Amp. 15 Amp.
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