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Horse Shoe Magnets :

(ZES 328)
Made of steel, half red and half blue ( for N and S ) spray painted, with keeper.

Type Length Width Thickness
(a) 50 mm 12 mm 5mm
(b) 75 mm 12 mm 5mm
(c) 100 mm 12 mm 6mm

Bar Magnets, Alnico :

(ZES 329)
Made of cobalt steel , in pairs, half red and half blue ( for N and S ) spray
painted, very strong, with keepers.

Type Length Width Thickness
(a) 50 mm 12 mm 8 mm
(b) 75 mm 12 mm 8 mm
(c) 100 mm 12 mm 8 mm
(d) 150 mm 12 mm 8 mm

Cylinderical Magnets, Alnico :

(ZES 330)

Made of cobalt steel, 10 mm dia, in pairs, half red and half blue (for N and S) spray painted, very strong, with keepers.


(a) (b) (c) (d)
Size 50 mm 75 mm 100 mm 150 mm

U Shape Magnets, AlInco :

(ZES 331)

Made of cobalt steel, 12 x 6 mm dia, in pairs, half red and half blue ( for N and S ) spray painted, very strong with keeper.

Type (a) (b) (c)
Size 50 mm 75 mm 100 mm

Load Stone :

(ZES 332)

Magnetic Iron Ore. Selected pieces.


Bar Magnet, Ceramic :

(ZES 333)

Ceramic magnets for good magnetic strength, half red and half blue ( for N and S ) spray painted. Dimensions : 50 x 10 x 5 mm.


Ring Magnet, Ceramic :

(ZES 334)

An annular magnet with face poles ( i.e. polarised along its cylindrical axis).

Dimension : 12.5 x 30 x 6.5 mm. Internal diameter x external diameter x thickness.


Magnadur Magnets :

(ZES 335)

50 x 10 x 5 mm as used in a Westminster Electromagnetic Kit.


Stirrup :

(ZES 336)

Of brass wire for suspension of magnets in electrostatic experiments.

Dimensions : Length 50 mm approx., Height 45 mm approx.


Ball Ended Magnets :

(ZES 337)

Chrome steel with true poles length 20 cms.


Sprinkler :

(ZES 338)

For iron and steel filings.


Iron Filings :

(ZES 339)

For indicating lines of force. Pack of 500 gms.


Iron Rods, Soft :

(ZES 340)

Size 150 x 10 mm length x diameter.


Steel Rod :

(ZES 341)

Size 150 x 10 mm length x diameter.


Soft Iron Plate :

(ZES 342)

Size 75 x 25 mm length x breadth.


Materials Set For Magnetism and Electricity :

(ZES 343)

Comprises 11 pieces of magnetic and nonmagnetic materials each
100 32 mm ; thickness, metals 0.9mm, nonmetals 1.6 mm approximately. Materials provided are aluminium, brass, cardboard, copper, lead, GUN metal, perspex, polythene, steel, wood and zinc.


Magnetic Needle, Brass Bearing :

(ZES 344)

A carbon steel needle with brass cup bearing.

Type (A) (b) (c) (d)
Size 50 mm 62 mm 75 mm 100 mm

Needle Stand :

(ZES 346)

For magnetic needle with plastic base 72 mm dia and 6 mm dia aluminium pillar supporting a steel needle pivot. Over all height of stand 100 mm approx.


Plotting Compass :

(ZES 347)

In metal case, with card dial, dia 20 mm.


Plotting Compass :

(ZES 348)

For plotting equipotential lines ; 20 mm diameter with jewelled bearing, and brass pointer at right.


Plotting Compass Both Side Glass :

(ZES 349)

With needle pivoted between top and bottom glass plates, without dial, dia 20 mm.


Pocket Compass :

ZES 350

In plastic screw cover case 55 mm dia, card marked with points of the compass & degrees.


Compass :

(ZES 351

43 mm diameter, graduated in degrees and with compass points marked. In plastic case with hinged cover and ring for lineyard. A locking mechanism protects the needle during transport.


Educational Compass :

(ZES 352)

Card marked with points of compass and degrees ; 175mm overall diameter, 110mm needle in case.


Dip Needle, Simple Pattern :

(ZES 353)

Comprising a circular scale, 75 mm dia. 0-90 . four times, supported on a rectangular base. The needle is carefully balanced on steel pivots working in brass bearings.

Size of base 100 x 60 mm.
Overall Height 100 mm Approx.

Dip Circle :

(ZES 354)

An accurately balanced magnetic needle, strongly magnetised is fitted with hardened steel pivot working in jewels cup bearings. The needle can be easily removed for reversal. The inclination scale is of chrome brass graduated in degrees 0-90 four times. The case is made of nonmegnetic cast alloy, duco painted, has easily removable plate glass window and rotates fully on a heavy brass base, its rotation being measured by a brass chrome dial reading 0-360 . It is fitted with levelling screw and sprit level.


Mariners Compass :

(ZES 355)

With aluminium bowl gimbals and mounted in wood box, side 125 mm, with sliding lid. Diameter of card 75 mm.


Deflection Magnetometer :

(ZES 356)

Comprising a stout bakelite box, 100 mm dia, with aluminium dial graduated in degrees 0-90 four times, anti parallax mirror slot and replaceable steel pivot. The short magnetic needle has a jewel bearing and a light aluminium pointer designed for precise reading and maximum damping.One metre long single piece wooden nicely polished base with embedded two half metre scale reading from the centre of compass box ( Magnetometer) i.e. zero at centre of both the scales. Complete with compass box and levelling screw.


Spare Compass for Above

(ZES 357)

Vibration Box

(ZES 358)

To compare the magnetic moments of magnets and to determine moment of intertia etc. Consisting of a polished wooden box fitted with sliding glass door. The top of the case is slotted and carries a glass tube fitted with torsion head to support by means of silk fibre, a brass stirrup to carry magnets etc. The base of box is fitted with a mirror strip, with a longitudinal index line. Internal dimensions of box 160 x 66 x 66 mm approx. Length of tube 140 mm approx. Size of stirrup 50 mm long x 45 mm high approx. Complete with one each 50 and 100 mm bar magnets, and one each 50 and 100 mm brass bars.


Magnetising and Demagnetising Solenoid :

(ZES 359)
A helical coil 310 mm long of DCC copper wire mounted on a wooden board, number of turns marked with 1 metre connecting cable, fuses, push switch compass and soft iron rod 350 x 10 mm, internal dia of coil 25 mm for use on 230 V main supply.

Electric Bell :

(ZES 360)

With detachable plastic cover, dome gong. For use on 3 to 12 V a.c. / d.c Supplies.


Tangent Galvanometer :

(ZES 361)

A bakelite ring or bobbin is of 6 " (165 mm) diameter with 3 windings of 2, 50 and 500 turns. The magnetometer is supported on a brass tube fitted on an ebonite plate which is free to revolve in the base of the instruments. The magnetometer and the ring can both be rotated independently of the base which is with levelling screws.

Compass box consists of a bakelite case with metal 100 mm dia dial graduated in degrees and anti parallax mirror. Cobalt steel magnet and aluminium pointer are mounted on special synthetic sapphire. The needle moves on special pivot. The above combination makes the needle practically frictionless.


Demonstration Induction Coils or Induced Current Apparatus :

(ZES 362)

Two coils wound on separate bobbins, one having many turns of fine wire and the other with few turns of heavy wire. Demonstrate that induced potentials are produced either by movement of a permanent electromagnet or by a change of current in one coil, fitted with insulated 4 mm socket terminals and supplied with a soft iron core, outer coil is 12.5 cm. Long and 5 cm dia.


Induction Coil

(ZES 363)

The primaries are wound with thicker copper enamelled covered wire
on letherite pipe in two layers. The secondary coils are divided into
two parts and are given heavy insulation, each layer is wound in the
cover of butter paper and after completing the winding the entire is
dipped into hot wax, so that each layer is sealed against moisture effect.

The coils are housed in a teakwood base, voltage tested condensers are
fitted inside the wooden polished base. Handles to get the spark are on
it the make and break points are of silver. One point is adjustable to get
any cycle. On off reversing switch commutator, working on 6-12 V d.c.
Spark in Air :


Dissectible Induction Coil :

(ZES 364)

Most suitable for demonstration. Secondary coil and capacitor can be easily separated out. With arrangements for disconnecting and capacitor, while in operation. All connection clearly visible spark length 25mm.


Barlow Wheel :

(ZES 365)

A star shaped copper disc 90 mm dia, rotatable vertically on pair of adjustable centres and dipping into small mercury trough between the vertical limbs of a small horse shoe magnet on a wooden base 150 x 100 mm, disc adjustable vertically on a metal pillar 75 mm high which is connected to one of the two terminals mounted on the base. The other terminal is connected to the mercury trough. It operates on 4 V. Supplied without mercury.


Magnetic Field Table :

(ZES 366)
A wooden tables support a aluminium ring wound with three coils of 18 s.w.g enamelled copper wire of 5, 10 and 20 turns respectively, connected to bakelite 4 mm socket terminals at one edge of the board.

Helical Coil :

(ZES 367)

For projection of the magnetic field characteristics of a helical coil. Coil of 10 turn on a plexiglas panel with two 4 mm connecting sockets, working current 5A approx.


Circular Coil :

(ZES 368)

For projection of the magnetic field characteristics of a circular coil 15 cm diameter approx. On a plexiglas panel with two connecting sockets 4mm.


Earth Inductor :

(ZES 369)

All non magnetic metal. Auto Spring release through 180 . The aluminium ring with brass collars and wire wound is fitted in a aluminium frame and is controlled by the spring. The sudden deflection can be had by pressing a knob through 180. Duco finish 500 turns.


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