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General Instruments


E/M By Thompson Method (Bar Magnet Method) :

(ZES- 1)
The apparatus is designed to work on 230volts AC 50c/s. It has built in E.H.T.
supply. New Cathode Ray tube is used to provide proper display. Very easy
to handle and Compact in size.

Input 230Volts 50C/s
E.H.T. 800Volts at 10mA
Deflection Volts 0-50volts at 15mA
L.T. 6.3volts at 2A
Horizontal Deflection By Bar Magnets
Vertical Deflection By internal built in supply

Provided with wooden stand, Deflection Magnetometer & pair of bar magnet.


E/M By Magnetron Value Method


Magnetron Power Supply  
Input 230volts AC
H.T. 250volts at 200 Micro Amps
L.T. 6.3volts at 2A
Provided with meters to read voltage and current.
Power Supply For Solenoid  
Input 230 volts AC
Output 30 volts DC at 3A
Meter is provided to read Current.
Solenoid Current Carrying Capacity 3A
Length 45cm
Dia 6.5cm
Rheostat Groove type special wound Rheostat is
provided at 3A.
E/M By Hellical Method (Lomg Solenoid) :


Input 230 volts AC 50c/s
E.H.T. 1000 volts
DC Output for  
Solenoid Provided 60 volts DC at 1.5 Amps
Solenoid Dia 4”-5”
Length 20” wound on properly insulated former and fitted
on nicely Polished teak wood base.

Ultrasonic Diffraction Apparatus :


The instrument is designed to give accurate and best result, keeping in view the various difficulties faced by the students. A high Power R.F. Oscillator is designed for this experiment and special type of high Resolving Spectrometer with Micrometer Eye-piece is provided for this experiment. It is fully tested & more fringes are formed with the help of R.F. Oscillator. Direct measurement can be made on the micrometer eye-piece and no camera is required.

High Power R.F. Oscillator
Input 230 volts AC 50c/s
Frequency 2.5-6.5Mc/s calibrated for different set of crystal
Freq. & is Continuously variable
R.F. Output The output is brought out on the terminals. Built in
a nicely Polished box with on/off switch jewel light
Sodium Lamp & TXFR Complete with 35 Watt TXFR & wooden case.
Ceramic Crystal The Crystal is provided with the handle.
Tank Optically true glass tank is provided for keeping
the Liquid.
Liquid Kerosene Oil is provided in a plastic bottle
(a) ...do… with out TXFR & Sodium Lamp.
(b) Extra Crystal of different frequencies.
(c) Sodium Lamp in wooden cabinet with 55Watt. Transformer

Resistivity Of Semiconductor By Four Probe Method At Different Temperature & Determination Of Band Gap Complete In All Respect.



Hall Effect Experiment


(a) Electromagnet 0-7.5KGauss
(b) Power Supply
(c) Digital Gauss Meter with Probe
(d) Hall Set Up

(e) Hall Probe GE Xtal

Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer


Complete in all respect without C.R.O.


Apparatus For The Measurement


APPARATUS FOR THE MEASUREMENT of Susceptibility of Para Magnetic Solution by Quink's Tube Method. Complete with Electro Magnet & Power Supply, Quinks tube with stand & digital gauss meter with probe.


Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Tracer


MAGNETIC HYSTERESIS LOOP TRACER complete in all respect but without C.R.O.


Radiation Counting System (Gm Counter)


Instrument consists of Power supply for G. M. Tube with Digital readout meter 6 digit counting system with its power supply controls for reset, start and stop through on panel. One presetable timer with 3 digit display and thumb wheel switch. Complete with G.M. Tube, stand and one radio active source B. Digital voltmeter for read the G. M. Tube voltage.


Digital Gauss Meter :


Range 0-2KG & 0-20KG
Resolution 1G at 0-2KG range
Accuracy ± 0.5%
Temperature Upto 500C
Display 3½ digit,7 segment LED DPM with auto polarity &
overflow Indication.
Power 220V ±10%, 50Hz
Transducer Hall Probe - InAs
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