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Fluid Mechanics

Over Flow Vessel (G.I. Sheet) :

(ZES 68)

G.I Sheet hammertone Finish. The top edge is flared to add strength.

Over Flow Vessel (Brass Sheet) :
(ZES 69)

Made from thick brass sheet & either polished or C.P.


Over Flow Vessel (Plastic) :

(ZES 70)
Polypropylene body, unbreakable non corrosive white and has a spout to drain out
overflowing liquids used in laboratory for measuring displacement of liquids.

Specific Gravity Bottle (Borosil Glass) :

(ZES 71)

Spherical shape the volume of the bottle at 27c is accurately adjusted to the value etched on the surface . The bottle and capillary stopper are numbered for Identification made from corning glass.


Capacity : (a) 25 cc (b) 50 cc (c) 100 cc

Bucket and Cylinder :

(ZES 72)

To demonstrate the principle of Archimedes. The cylinder has a suspension hook at one end. All brass pipe having length 50 mm and dia 20 mm


Nicholsons Hydrometer :

(ZES 73)

For Solid and liquid density experiments. It consists of a hollow metal cylinder upper loading pan and weighted lower loading pan, made from brass sheet.


(a) Medium size 26 x 3.75 mm
(b) Large size 20 x 4.5 cm
(c) Extra large 40 x 5 cm

Hydrometer Universal :

(ZES 74)

Direct reading relative density hydrometer with shot loaded bulbs and parallel graduated stems all glass range of 60 f 0.700 to 2.000 x 0.10


Hares Apparatus :

(ZES 75)
For comparing the densities of liquids by measuring the heights of two coloumns of
liquid produced by applying suction to the short center limb. Comprising three limbed
glass tube mounted on polished wooden stand with meter scale 45cm long with 0 at the
bottom. The scale is divided in centimeters and millimeters. Supplied w/o rubber tube and
pinch cock.

U- Tube Apparatus :

(ZES 76)

For use as a manometer. It consists of a superior quality wooden stand fitted with wooden meter scale which is 0 to 45 cm from the bottom. Provided with small metal strips for supporting U-Tube

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