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Cell & Accessories

Simple Cell :

(ZES 186)
For studying the construction and characteristic of a voltaic cell. It consists of
copper plate, Zinc plate and plastic jar but without solution.

Daniel Cell (complete) :

(ZES 187)

This cell is steady & reliable and may be used as open or close circuit works. It consists of a zinc rod immersed in a very dilute solution of sulphuric acid in an empty porous pot which in turn is immersed in copper sulphate solution. This cell consists of copper sulphate solution. This cell consists of copper pot of approximate size 5 " x 3 " Chemicals are not included.(only copper pot for daniel cell of size 5 " x 3 " empty porous pot and Zinc rod is provided


Spare Copper Pot for Daniel Cell :

(ZES 188)

Size :
(a) 5 " 3 "
(b) 6" 4"

Lechlance Cell :

(ZES 189)

Because of its higher e.m.f. 1.5v and lower internal resistance this cell will deliver a stronger current for short period of time than the daniel cell. It consists of either glass or plastic container 95 x 95 x 150 mm length x width x height . The rim is shaped to accommodate the cathode, a zinc rod with terminal. (A carbon anode with terminal is sealed in a porous pot containing the depolarizer). We provide filled porous pot for anode. Requires approx. 500 ml ammonium chloride electrolyte with zinc rod and filled porous pot but supplied without electrolyte.


Standard Cell ( Weston Normal Type) :

(ZES 190)

Confirm to weston normal type.

Reproducible and reliable e.m.f.

Very low temperature co-efficient.

Prepared from materials of high state of purity.


Specifications :
E.M.F. 1.0186 Volts at 20 c
Temp. coefficient 40 micro volts / c rise in temp.
Internal resistance 500 ohms approx.
Approx. Weight 100 gm.

Zinc Plate with Terminal :

(ZES 191)

For use with simple cell. Approx. size 150 x 0.5 mm fitted with brass terminals.


Copper Plate with Terminal :

(ZES 192)

For use with simple cell Approx. size 150 x 50 x .6mm fitted with brass terminals.


Porous Pot Empty :

(ZES 193)

For use with daniel cell empty porous pot approx. size 150mm x 150mm dia.


Accumulator Lead :

(ZES 194)
2 Volt polystyrone case. This type of battery is recommended for duties involving
comparatively small discharges and where recharges will be required less
frequently than once every two weeks.

Voltage / Ampere per hour (a) 2 V / 20 AH (b) 2 V / 45 AH
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