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Wheatstone Bridge/ Meter Bridge :

(ZES 266)

Two gap type, mounted on a polished wooden base, wire of 24 swg constantan wire, with brass strips and 4 mm socket terminals for use with either wire or standard 4 mm. plugs for galvanometer and other connections. Box Wood scale graduated 0-100 cm x 1mm. With knife edge jockey having terminal.


Wheatstone Bridge 4 Gaps :

(ZES 267)

Open wire type with 4 gaps and bridging strips, mounted on a polished wooden base with box wood rule graduated 0-100cm. X 1mm. Fitted with 4 mm socket terminal for use either with wire or standard 4 mm Plugs wire and 24 swg with knige edge jockey.


Student Kelvin Bridge :

(ZES 268)

The instrument is combined potentiometer and double ratio box. It may be used for measurement of two or four terminals resistance and metallic bars from 1.1 ohm down to 0.0001 ohm and arranged on all rotary dial. The slide wire reads resistance in steps of 0.001 ohm. Knife edge special jockey is provided for accurate contacts, with the help of double ratio box the reading can be made from 1.1 ohm down to 0.00001 ohm.


Precision Kelvin Double Bridge :

(ZES 269)

The bridge is capable of measuring resistance from 10-7 to 1 ohm ten coils of 0.1 ohm are arranged on rotary dial. Aside wire reads resistance in steps of .001ohms. The bridge is provided with a multiple of 0.1 enabling the bridge to be used for measurements upto 0.0001 ohm separate current and potential terminals are provided.


Industrial Kelvin Bridge :

(ZES 270)

The bridge has been designed for the use of cable wire manufacturers whose product are called upon to meet very close specification in resistance per unit length. The bridge consists of set of manganin standard resistors. A circular slide wire and a double ratio box operated by one switch. Only one press key gives reduced and full control for the galvanometer detector. One set of four terminals are provided on the panel to connect the current and potential terminals of the resistance under test terminals are provided for galvanometer and power supply.

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